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Ultimate Package – 120 minutes $140

Experience the difference and get the best results by preparing your body. Combined with massage, the Vibrosaun is the perfect partner. The 30 minute Vibrosaun relaxes and gently warms up your muscles, making your massage more effective. It works on the entire body at the same time, thereby increasing circulation before a 90 minute massage of your choice. You will feel the results!

Platinum Package – 150 minutes $215

Our best relaxation package! Begin with a 30 minute Vibrosaun followed by a rejuvenating Back & Foot Exfoliation coupled with a deeply detoxifying Marine Wrap. Soothe your muscles with a 90 minute Remedial Massage to relax the mind and also stimulate your lymphatic system aiding in the relief of fluid retention and toxin build up. This treatment will help to purify, decongest and balance your body. Enriched with Marine extracts and active botanicals, this is our premium package and is a great way to take care of your whole body.

Renewal Package – 120 minutes $195

This package will leave you feeling invigorated from head to toe. Begin with a 60 minute tailored Remedial Massage, concentrating on particular areas of stress such as neck, shoulders and lower back. You will experience our Petite Foot Refresher, comprising of a Spearmint & Gingko Biloba Foot Treatment. Then renew with a Full Body Exfoliation with our uplifting and nourishing Sugar Smoother to promote glowing skin. Finally, let your body soak up the intensity of our nutrient rich Body Hydration Treatment.

Revive Package – 90 minutes $135

Just as the title suggests, this treatment is aimed at reviving your body. Start the relaxing process with a 30 minute Vibrosaun to soften tight and tired muscles. Then immerse yourself in our Signature Foot Treatment, the Barefoot Indulgence. Soak tired and achy feet in an Aromatic Foot Bath. Follow with a reviving Bamboo and Spearmint Foot Exfoliation to buff and smooth the skin, then infuse with a mineral rich Marine Nutrient Foot Wrap. A 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Remedial Massage will melt away your muscle tension. Great for those wanting optimum results in minimal time to relieve all your stresses.


Barefoot Indulgence – 30 minutes $62

Treat your feet! Smooth, soften and revitalise dry, cracked and chapped feet with an Aromatic Bath Soak, and Marine Detox Treatment to draw out all the impurities in your feet, leaving them feel totally refreshed. This is one of our most popular relaxation treatments.

Total Body Exfoliation – 40 minutes $80

Remove dry, scaly skin and increase circulation to assist in the elimination of toxins. Our Full Body Sugar Smoother is the ideal way to stimulate, purify and decongest sluggish skin. This treatment is the perfect way to brighten and renew your body. Walk out feeling totally rejuvenated.

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