Gold Coast Remedial Massage


image3Ultimate Package – 120 minutes $145

Experience the difference and get the best results with this combination of Vibrosaun and Remedial Massage. Boost circulation whilst warming and relaxing the muscles to prepare your body for a 90 minute Remedial Massage.

Renewal Package – 120 minutes $195

Repair your aches and pains with a tailored 60 minute Remedial Massage concentrating on particular areas of stress in your neck, shoulders and lower back. Experience our Full Body Magnesium Exfoliation designed to stimulate blood flow, remove toxins and decongest sluggish lymphatics. FInally, let your feet soak up th intensity of our 15 minute Magnesiums Foot Refresher.

Heel to Back – 80 minutes $130

Revitalise from top to toe! Start restoring your body with a 20 minute Vibrosaun to soften tight, tired muscles and help stimulate your Lymphatic system. Treat your muscle pain and stress with a targeted 30 minute Remedial Massage for your neck and shoulders. End this top to toe refresher by enjoying a 30 minute Remedial Foot Massage to relieve fatigued and achy feet delivering total body solutions.

Remedial Laser Combo – 75 minutes $130

Get excellent results for your ailment with our combo 30 minute Low Level Laser Therapy and 45 minute Remedial Massage. This treatment combination is focused on achieving effective solutions for your acute pain or injury. Aimed at managing your neck restrictions, tendonitis and lower back pain, including sciatica, bruising and scar tissue to help you live a pain free life.

Foot Fixer – 60 minutes $119

Stimulate cell repair, minimise pain and optimise your bodies natural healing process with a 30 minute Non-Thermal Laser, treating plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and arthritis. This treatment gets results for neglected and problematic feet, along with our specifically designed 30 minute Magnesium Remedial Foot Massage to stimulate blood flow and reduce aches and pains.


Total Body Exfoliation – 40 minutes $80

Renew your body, increase circulation and detoxify your Lymphatic System while reducing muscular aches and pains with our Magnesium Full Body Exfoliation. Your skin and muscles will benefit from valuable nutrients and hydrating oils f0und within our specialised exfoliation blends.


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