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At Total Essence, we offer the Laser Wellness (LW) as a non-invasive, natural way to aid with fluid retention, Lymphoedema, swelling/bruising & detoxification.

Low level laser has been used for many years around the world for healing, pain relief & non needle acupuncture. It has now been clinically tested and proven that LW can also help break down stubborn fluid cells, enabling the body to be able to use as energy.

LW causes no cell or tissue destruction, unlike medically invasive liposuction, which is costly, painful and risky. At Total Essence, we believe LW is a proven and effective general wellness therapy, which can achieve superior results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it involve?

The non-thermal LW treatments will involve 10 smooth bars being placed on the surface of the skin. These bars each contain 6 laser diodes. This light will pass through the skin and into the cells only a few millimetres beneath your skin.

I’ve heard about some ‘laser’ horror stories, why is this different?

Total Essence uses market leading Non-Thermal Laser machines, which are in completely different league to the lasers used in beauty salons and hair removal clinics. No heat radiates from the bars, so you receive a safe and painless treatment.

What is it used for?

Predominantly LW is used to shift fluid cells from those stubborn areas and helps to stimulate the Lymphatic System to continue to remove these cells from the body. However, Laser Therapy is also successful in reducing inflammation, relieving muscular and arthritis aches and repairing damaged skin. The treatment triggers your own metabolic process of Lymphatic drainage in a non-painful way.

How does it feel?

You just lie back and relax in one of our individual treatment rooms. Most of our clients do not feel anything at all, although some report a mild prickling sensation.

How long does every treatment take?

Depending on your target area, the Laser bars are moved into different positions during the treatment in 10-minute intervals. Larger sections of the body like the full leg and mid section will take a total of 60 minutes to treat, whereas, the half leg and upper back will only take 30 minutes.

What is the treatment schedule?

To achieve optimal results we recommend 2 treatments per week, until desired outcome is achieved.

How will I know if it’s working

Measurements will always be taken prior to every treatment. This will allow you to see the inches lost over the treatment course.

How do I achieve the best results?

It is advised that after every treatment, at least 10 minutes of light exercise is carried out to further facilitate the benefits of the treatment, to help “burn-off” the body’s fuel released by the treatment. Drink lots of water to assist in flushing the disturbed fluid cells out of your system and refrain from eating two hours before and after each treatment. Keeping your Lymphatic system clean will make your treatments more effective so healthy eating is best.

Will the results last?

LWB is the kick-start we need. Our clients who have completed treatment programs have seen great results, however it is in combination with diet and exercise that the results can be maintained. Maintenance treatments can also assist to sustain the achieved results for the longer term.

Pricing (per treatment)

Full Leg – 60mins | $80
Half Leg – 30mins | $40
Full Mid Section – 60mins | $80
Half Mid Section – 30mins | $40
Upper Back – 30mins | $40
Arms – 15mins | $20

Please enquire with us if you are interested in finding out more about Laser Wellness Therapy.

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